FabricNano is a cell-free biomanufacturing company that develops biocatalysts to unlock the future of biochemistry.

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Address: 242 Acklam Rd

City: London

State: england

Zip: W10 5JJ

Country: GB

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FabricNano is a cell-free biomanufacturing company developing a DNA-based flow reactor to immobilize individual enzymes and cofactors to enhance multi-enzyme biochemistry. FabricNano algorithms utilize breakthroughs in synthetic biology, robotic automation, and proprietary DNA technology to tune the DNA-based immobilization matrix, which can co-locate multiple enzymes with sub-nanometer precision and configure itself into an infinite set of matrix designs that boost flow reactor performance. FabricNano has enabled the first DNA-based flow reactor by reducing the cost of industrial scale DNA synthesis by 100x compared to existing best-in-class technologies. DNA-based flow reactors will revolutionize the set of accessible bio-based industrial scale chemistries and not only replace many petrochemical-derived products, but also open up a vast and rapid design space for novel biomaterial discovery.

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